Jojo Rabbit Most Honest Movie Review

Jojo Rabbit Most Honest Movie Review

Many films about the Nazis were shot in the history of film, most of which belonged to the drama genre. In the movies “Schindler’s List” (1993), “The Pianist” (The Pianist, 2002) and “Son of Sol” (Son of Sol, 2015) and other films, the Jewish genocide is the most Great human beings. Atrocities Hitler dared to deal with this genre almost when he was still alive, but when Hitler was about to be alive, he first quit the drama genre with the film “The Great Dictator” (1940), which may be a political satire. With a certain flavor. . fashion. Senior Film Producer (Charlie Chaplin). This film was followed by comedy films such as “A Beautiful Life” (1998) and “Life Train” (1998).
and even Timo Viorensola (Timo Viorensola) also filmed the television series “The Dark Side of the Moon” in 20102 and 2019. Nazi fascism combined fantasy and comedy with elements of fantasy. An unprecedented explanation. Therefore, it can be seen that the genocide of the Jews can not only be described by drama, but also can be successfully described by various genres. From a ten-year perspective, Taika Waititi imagined the illusory dark comedy as “Jojo Rabbit” and made a unique and unique interpretation of Nazi fascism. Jojo Rabbit is adapted from the novel “Caged the Heavens” by Christine Leunens and played on a huge screen. It is about 10-year-old Jojo Bay, Johan Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis) story. These situations make you experience romantic and spiritual changes. Jojo was ordered to kill the rabbit he obtained in the Nazi youth camp training, but even though Jojo was Hitler’s friend, his heart did not allow him to kill the rabbit, so he left the rabbit. Most importantly, they gave him the nickname “Rabbit”. Jojo also envisioned the German Nazis (Taika Waititi) as his ally in the fantasy world. He always talks to him anywhere and uses him as a guide. No matter how hard Jojo’s anti-Nazi mother Rosie (Scarlett Johansson) works, she can’t clean up those who are brainwashed by Nazism.

When watching a movie, we saw Jojo experienced a long period of intense confusion and contradictions with each other. The main reason for the conflict was his deep love for his mother Rosie and the 16-year-old Jewish girl Elsa, who crossed the street at unexpected times. While Taika Waititi interprets anti-fascism with humorous language throughout the film, he also tries to make us feel innocence, innocence and surprise. Jojo Rabbit novels are full of expressive style and many references to how fascism can make people stupid. With the actor’s help, he never showed his teeth and never lost his immersion. After watching the show, we will see Masal Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie (Elsa) and Archie Yates (Yorki), who play a role in the successful child actor Jojo. In addition to child actors, he also played Hitler. It is easy to mention that Scarlett Johansson was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 92nd Academy Awards for her role as Rosie in the film.
Jojo Rabbit; Due to the close coordination between the sad structure of the music, the unique circuits (especially the clothing), the interior and exterior design and the photographic techniques composed of a warm spectrum, the movie booth has a variety of genre colors. Jojo Rabbit is not a movie that anyone who is interested in making classic Nazi or WWII movies will love. After reviewing the comments on the video, we found that the critics split into two groups. Although some think that the film dilutes Nazi fascism, it does not respect those who died as a result of the genocide, but rather opens a dangerous space, like the courtesy of the Nazis, while others try to preserve the Nazis. Fascism Awesome black humor.

I am one of the people who use expressions to explain Nazi fascism. In the film, no one feels sympathy for Hitler or his soldiers. On the contrary, the eternal stupidity of fascism is well represented. To call the movie “Jojo Rabbit” a sneaky tribute to the fascists is an unreasonable explanation. The fact that Taika Waititi made such a movie because he is Jewish seems to contradict several people. After the filming, I need to understand how the relatives of the victims in Auschwitz will watch the film. The solution remains Whitedy: a girl who lost her family in Auschwitz said that if this is a movie that caused a disagreement, she also likes Jojo Rabbit very much, and her family also likes this movie. Wait and see. . I am very happy to hear comments from celebrities or non-reviewers. Once you hear people’s comments, or hear a 14-year-old cry after watching a movie, it is very valuable to me and me. What strikes me is that I am making a very important film. Yes, in the name of the people, he has always wanted to seek fascism. You do not want to hand over the memories of those who sacrificed themselves for fascism, but in doing so you must not hamper artistic creativity. Otherwise, the art will not become endless repetition, but will dominate the work in an extreme way to eliminate originality. What surprised me was that ”
Jojo Rabbit” was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. Besides the Irishman and the Joker in 1917, Jojo Rabbit also didn’t have a chance to win this award. Although “Jojo Rabbit” is not a shocking and memorable film, it is not the most effective film, but its unique interpretation of Nazi films is worth seeing. I hope that we will see films that represent fascism in the future, because although we have entered the 21st century, especially on social media, every day there are many chauvinists who play a leading role in race or other values, and even we are with the fascists. The meeting is enough to indicate the seriousness of this danger. That is why we must not allow children to be poisoned by racism and hate speech, and we must raise them humanely. This may be Jojo Rabbi’s main focus of attention.

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