The Godfather III Movie Review Part 2

The Godfather III Movie Review Part 2

They are different from these two brothers. One of Michael Corle’s thoughts is that his anger cannot be hidden and his composure is too calm to show shyness. He used his own thoughts to eliminate all traps. Calmly he killed Solozzo and the chief of police. The scene where he killed Solozzo, so the police will look at Michael on the spot. According to plan, when he went to the bathroom to get rid of the gun, he tried to calm down and go back. Exciting inside. He reached peace and returned. He sat there, he was so calm that his enemies did not seem to doubt it. Then the camera started to zoom in on his face. His eyes grew more and more frightened – the passing of the train also contributed to the movie, and the event that was coming was terrifying – he became enraged and pulled the trigger. In short, he behaves like Machiavelli’s fox, first winning the peace and then acting like a lion, bravely launching his prey. “The prince must know how to behave like an animal, he must learn to be both a fox and a lion.” The lion is one of the traps. The fox cannot protect itself from the wolf. Therefore, it is necessary that a fox admits the trap, and the lion is scaring the wolves. “(Page 107) Another important narrative of the film is the baptism scene, during which the godfather, who becomes the godfather of his brother Connie’s child, and also the father of the family, is at the beginning of the Main film This sequence is represented in parallel Yes, Michael was in the church and the police killed his enemy. When the pastor answered “yes” to this question, was the devil rejected? Throw away the devil as a phrase, but act devilishly.

With these qualities, Michael seized the opportunity, luck gave him, and gained power by saving his father. “When carefully examining their behavior and life (Machiavelli talks about successful rulers in history), it is clear that they will only regard luck as luck, and luck is filled by themselves; besides, if there is no such opportunity , Their talents will be wasted, and without them, luck will be useless. “(p.38)
, his family believes that he has failed, the most obvious sign is that his middle brother Fredo issued a murder order. In the dialogue with Michael in the first film, Vito Corleone said yes. At the same time as everything he did, he always wanted to legitimize his family, and this is usually the way he dreamed of Michael. Michael said that he was trying to protect his family from anger, but as Kay said in the third film, Michael himself became insane. The main reason for this is usually Michael instinctively protecting his power, not his family.
As I emphasized earlier, Michael considers himself an American and really participated in the war. He was also an American after the war, but this Americanism was not patriotism. It developed because of the establishment of a moral individual in a world without the existence of God. In the United States, he lost his commitment to family agencies (mainly Michael). The explanation of why Michael’s military service was emphasized in the beginning was a sign of patriotism-at the beginning of the second film-on the other hand, the fist he ate from the American police officer may reflect this because of the injuries he received. The second war entered our history because it experienced the largest casualty war/period, civilians and military personnel died in large numbers, fission bombs (thrown by the United States) were also used for the first time. Whether it is not mentioned in the movie or not, it is worth looking back at. Michael has witnessed all of this with his own eyes. He witnessed that the war he waged for the benefit of the country was actually not honorable. At this point, his patriotism must have begun to stop, because the attitude he showed during his visit to the hospital did not surpass the reason why his attitude took a turn for the worse. The storytelling of the movie came into play, so after he was hit by an officer, we learned that he was a war hero at the time and that Michael also experienced something that was not mediocre. Most importantly, for Michael, this war will not bet on the sidelines, which has attracted our long-term attention.

He traveled to Italy with the brand of this fist. The movie is the place where the last moment in the movie happens. Italy-Apollonia Vitelli-is his last chance to overcome Michael’s injury. He fell in love with Apollonia, an Italian shepherd dog, respected her family and married her. During the elapsed time, it shrank like a fist, but became visible as if it had been thrown. He is able to overcome the injuries he suffered, and will take him down with Michael of Apollonia. But the latest disaster struck and Apollonia was tragically killed when traitorous bodyguards planted bombs on the car. Michael (Michael) came back to America face to face with Kay (Kay), now he’s completely different, completely bored and numb. There is the idea of ​​establishing a marital relationship with Kay in various industries. During the conversation, he told his father that he could be a senator and that the president is killing the president (the trauma of the war is fully visible). Michael Corleone has completed his transformation. You want to protect yourself from harm, even though you have been arguing. Contrary to his mother’s suggestion that he should not lose his family, he issued a decree to murder Fredo, who hurt him.
The basic concept that drives people into the universe established by the Godfather’s trilogy is the desire for power. The relationship between people begins with conflict, first is the distribution of slaves, so the master is the top priority. In the world where God has died, those with moral sensitivity are eliminated by those who establish moral codes according to their own wishes. Vito don Corleone and his granddaughter spent the Great Transcendence together, putting the orange peel in his mouth, he was essentially a monster. Only his sympathy for his family is expressed as anger towards others.

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