The Godfather III Movie Review

The Godfather III Movie Review

When the second movie is over, we see Michael sitting alone at the table. He just quarreled with his family. At the scene, the soldier was because he explained that it was absolutely written. That day, the port was violently attacked, prompting the United States to organize World War II. The relative brothers talked about the attack rudely, focusing on their father’s birthday. But by showing that he cares about this issue, Michael showed us that he is an American, that his country is the United States, and that he is indeed capable of serving you. In the fight with his stepson Tom, Tom will become a policeman in the future, and another sensitivity of Michael appears. He rejected his father’s power and longed for his own power: to surpass himself. Since the series allows us to read the story, after the discussion, Michael will appear in his uniform. He participated in the second war and even showed heroism. He is still American, but he is still in shock, because we will see this attitude in the future.

After the murder of his father, Michael experienced a long vision with his family. Before going to the hospital with her father, she ran into Kay in the bedroom. There was a strange feeling in his attitude, he did not know what would happen, but – about his shock of Americanism – he felt and prepared himself, he said goodbye to Kai for no reason. This parting is strange, because we still don’t know what’s going to happen, strange, it’s somewhere because nothing happened that could interrupt him with Kai, and he still hasn’t saved his father. After saying goodbye to the middle-class American woman, as she imagined and hoped, she went to the hospital to visit her father and was forced to avoid wasting it. But this obligation will not happen outside of Michael’s will. Forced, but Michael said frankly, ready to complete the task. That night, he was kicked out of Captain America, and this movie made us feel his essence. Michael is no longer American, and may leave traces of his long-eaten fist due to his injury. When he returns to the United States, the one from Italy will digest the injury and become dull, becoming a prince entirely.

Returned home after an incident at the hospital. The elders of the family are trying to find a way of salvation. They have no father. By maintaining this sitting position throughout the series, Michael crossed his legs on the couch and took over the game. It indicates which way they should go. During this period, from the perspective of all individuals, the camera slowly approached Michael from a good angle. This action reminded us of the opening sequence, moving from Bonasera to Baba. During this time, the camera never stopped moving, but continued to move in the direction of Michael. The power is now in Michael. Tired of Michael’s plan, his relatives started making fun of him, and Coppola showed us his incompetence. In fact, they lacked the prudence to capture Michael. Everything went according to plan, and Michael would shoot Solorzo, so the captain fled to Italy.

One wants to know, why does the son Michael who made this plan have any talents? In other words, what skills do Sonny and Fredo lack?
As emphasized throughout the series, Sontino Corleone was so angry that his reasoning ability was obscured. He couldn’t control his nerves, his death happened because of this feature. This legendary feature is used by hostile families, and Carlo is caught up with the groom. He acted fast because of what happened to his brother, his bodyguard didn’t wait, he got stuck on the road. The scene where he was killed was cruel and related to Sonny’s wild nerves, as if he was caught with gunshots so far that has enraged the hatred of all the people. “You are likely to become a person who fears but does not hate at the same time; therefore, the prince who cannot win people’s love must scare them in a way that does not incite hatred” (Machiavelli, Prince, p 103). Coppola also shows the surplus of nature through his love for women. On the day of the wedding, Vito don Corleone (Vito don Corleone) suggested this characteristic: “A man who does not spend time with his family can never be a real man.” Just before taking nasihati, Sonny was Sex of a lady who is not a wife. Expert agencies cannot manage weddings well.
Fredric Corleone (Fredrico Corleone) also has an excessive nature, he is timid. In the scene where his father was shot, he was the only person with him. He couldn’t protect him. He couldn’t rule to the point where he couldn’t aim the gun at the murderer. He sat down after murdering and crying. Like Michael, he had a chance to save many fathers. In fact, luck gave him a chance, but he was too timid and confused. He also participated in the script created by Hyman Roth for Michael don Corleone, stupid, imperceptible and naive. Coppola showed us once again in his married life that he cannot be an honest ruler, that he cannot rule his wife with an arrogant explanation, he cannot speak.

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