The Godfather 2 Movie Review Part 2

He did not think that the tribute Fanucci received from the Italians was legal. Because this type of tribute does not allow them to give more. Along with Vito, Tang people should accept the services of their servants, on the contrary, they should solve their own problems, become a father, and behave as Vito did during the freeze. Fanucci is more of a thief, a criminal, who hunts his country than the Leviathan in Hobbes’s universe. Fanucci is not a father to be captured, nor is he a sovereign to be recognized, he must be destroyed. In his own words, Vito murdered Fanucci in case he was stupid.

The United States treats countries that embrace the principle of “laissez-faire, laissez-faire” and allows them to fight for freedom. In the opening sequence of the main movie, it is also very important that the person who destroyed Bonasera’s daughter does not look like an Italian, and the penal system in the United States is closely related to power relations. Michael will also question his Italian in the fight against Senator Geary. The United States began to transform the country into a company. At that moment, we began to measure that the murder of the father was just a business matter, not a personal matter. Paulie, who had betrayed his father, was killed by the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty looked at Ellis from Vito. The freedom provided by the United States is the freedom to make all prostitution and convert it into money.

Michael don Corleone confronts the legal systems of this system in the second film as if they are a reflection of everyone else in the mirror.
Although Seri Hobbescu is based on ethical individuals and state organizations, we see that the ruler is determined by the principles of Machiavellianism. The main movie itself is about the final stage of the life of Vito Corleone’s character, so it is the process of Michael Corleone becoming a new father and his promotion. The contribution of the second film to the first film is that it shows that the point is changing, and everything that is fluidized becomes more fluid and evaporates. For this, Coppola does it by describing the journey of the character of Vito Corleone, because the father is the father, thus also strengthening the fatherhood and loneliness of the character of Michael Corleone Sense, this gives us the opportunity to verify these two characters.
His family failed, Michael’s father. What is a successful Vito? What can’t Michael go wrong?
is appropriate for discussing this issue by considering the methods and advantages of bringing Michael into patriarchy, that is, defining him and then comparing him to Vito.
When Michael attended the wedding banquet, he told Kay to come with him. He did not like his family, and with a deeper determination, the family he built in his father’s heart was not the same, because the family he built in his mind. His father is Italian in the United States. On the contrary, Michael is American.

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