The Godfather 2 Movie Review

The Godfather 2 Movie Review

Sergio Leone was able to contribute to the discussion in the West (1968). The scene in the movie where the McBain family is murdered in the desert may be a good scene we are talking about, it can show the contribution of the existence of sovereignty and the result of the lack of sovereignty. Macburn is an Irish immigrant who has invested in the future. Before the imminent massacre, due to the hope that exists in the family, we were aware of this fact and were alert to it later in the film. McBain crafted his own plan ingeniously, but his reasons alone were not enough. Killed by being executed by a larger capitalist family. When the youngest child ran after the massacre and they were confronted by the approach of the murderer, a question arose in our mind: -Does this child have any chance of survival? Could there be some kind of power to rescue this child at that time? There is also that child who is benefiting.

“God’s law makes people freer,” said The Ten Commandments (1956), which described the liberation of the Jews from Pharaoh under Cecil B. From Miller, this is usually the interpretation of gods / myths. “… The only thing two people who do not seem passionate about state power do is swear before the God they fear …” (page 113), in this world, the McBain family was delicate. In short, Hobbes said: “If there is no God, everything is allowed. Only the State can dissuade by imposing laws and force.” The western movie “Huang Feihong” ended the prosperity of capitalism, passing by rail. Arrive, and the country can now contribute to development because it can reach the desert.
However, the United States, which has been established and is being explained in the world of the godfather, is a new world, and countries are still colliding, not a country. In the film, the names of American countries are mentioned a lot. Italians, Jews, Irish, blacks, etc. are appropriate to determine Hobbes’ status as the Don Corleone family.

Don Corleone’s family is usually made up of Italians.
Vito Corleone is the Italian American in the New World. He landed in the United States on Ellis Island in 1901 and had to flee Italy (due to a vendetta). Ellis can be a tragic place for immigrants, providing transit services for immigrants to the United States. Perhaps his most tragic contribution to human psychology is strangeness and loneliness. We saw the Statue of Liberty from the window and Vito’s mirror tube looked out over the United States. In his later years, Vito lived in a community established by Italian immigrants. Countries have established neighborhoods and neighborhood organizations in the United States. Nearby, there is a man named Fanucci who pays tribute to the Italians. Vito’s sensitivity in Italy is reflected in his relationship with Fanucci and his attitude towards Fanucci.

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