Godfather 1 Movie Review Part 1

Godfather 1 Movie Review Part 1

This is a discount that Bonasera avoided and eventually accepted. He always avoids his father and lives freely (without debt) under the auspices of the province (New World/Secular World, mentioned later). Bonasera is persecuted by non-Italian Americans (the difference between Italian immigrants and Native Americans will be mentioned later, this is the core principle of the film), he has to seek justice in the Father God, and he finds it in the Father God Less than. come from America. Now he is heavily in debt, that is, he is a servant of the monarch/father. His father performed justice for him and worked for services that were needed at certain times. “… Kindness makes a person take on debts, and taking on debts is slavery.

If this is an unpayable debt, it is permanent slavery…” (page 83) Bonasera tries to provide the value of the help he will continue to receive (Father and father accused him) to stop his debts and constant slavery. His behavior was dismissive, and he did not stop behaving like the servant of the Italian who fell on his hands. The biggest tool the father uses is fear, and the following words flow through his mouth: “If you came to me in a friendly way, the filth that ruined your daughter today would be full. He could have been with an honest man like you. The enemy fights. Then they will scare you. Express your last words by waving your fingers. Vito don Corleone. This demonstrates its power to intimidate and execute fear externally. Hobbes Leviathan’s basic principle of legitimacy is that insecurity comes naturally from fear. But your essential fear will become the Leviathan’s tool, protecting others from fear by showing fear / waving your fingers. There are two ways that fear occurs in Hobbes’ universe, allowing people to unite and establish government. Status, this is a tool for sustainable development. That sovereignty. Another highlight of the
opening ceremony was the mention of justice. The penal system in the United States does not meet Bonasera’s requirements, but seeks justice in Heavenly Father. Hobbes said that principles of justice can only be produced by establishing sovereignty. For him, the argument between good and evil is mainly based on desire.

What drives and attracts people‚Äôs desires is pleasant, and what keeps people away is not good. (Page 50) Absolutely eliminate, make all content unimpeded. In a world without sovereignty, there is no fixed thing, everything is fluid, because everything seems to have been mastered in his body and mind. Will produces possible life and is supported by this life, which is beneficial to those who do not recognize better authority, are not afraid of the next power, and have no common ground. all. Everyone seems to be fighting for resources, because; everyone is at war with everyone. In this case, for Bonasera, the only answer is to gain the sovereignty of Heavenly Father. Because he alone is not capable of doing justice. There is also a conflict between the justice of Bonasera and the justice of Heavenly Father. Bonasera is eager to murder criminals. Dad wants to treat his daughter like a criminal. As Hobbes said, equity is only the sovereign appointment and performance of the contract between the parties. Crucial for Hobbes, the Leviathan is not a celebration, in his image, the parties are the accused (two criminals) and therefore the plaintiff (Bonasera). The subsequent meaning must be viewed from this perspective; dad provides justice like Leviathan, and this is just a pact. That’s Hobbes’ third law of nature: enforce something you don’t want to do to yourself. The law of behavior. This law is based on the premise of general reciprocity and is effective because of the “tooth for tooth, blood for blood” principle. The father also explained the fair in this way and showed that his Leviathan is not the accused or the plaintiff, but the direct judge.

Another importance of in the formation of sovereignty in Hobbes’s universe is that it paved the way for development. The reason people don’t hoard is because in the long run, they are insecure in the war between everyone and everyone. Because he wasn’t sure he could protect what he saved. “In such an environment, there is no place to work, because the remuneration for work is uncertain” (p. 101). In this sense, another request from the pastry chef is very important, who hopes that his daughter is happy that Zoe has been able to live and continue to add to the United States. By bringing this debate to the film, he also opened up about capitalism and the United States / New World.

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