Godfather 1 Movie Review Part 1

Godfather 1 Movie Review Part 1

“The Godfather” is a series of films that has maintained a prominent position and a high reputation since the date of filming. It is one of the premier cult film series, which aims to cultivate popular culture by achieving box office success. Still have artistic ability and efficiency. This world is the world of Dostoyevsky, Tarkovsky, and Kafka’s Kislovsky, and it is like Rocky and Rambo. There is also a Red Kit and Cin Ali in this world. Therefore, the “Godfather” series is worthy of our deep consideration, and can have a place in the minds of two people with moral and aesthetic sensitivity. The Godfather series can represent what a person wants and does not want relative to the masses. This foundation is enough to declare a masterpiece.

The first movie tells us two opposites. It should be noted that neither of the two main films has a third film. They must be read symmetrically while telling other things by themselves. Later opinions about the third film were widely circulated; this is unnecessary, your only concern is the box office. It may be appropriate that the third film may be a review of two main films, one of which was written at the same time. In this way, it will benefit the audience.

The beginning of the movie is “I Believe in America”. At first it was my feeling in the United States; this bet is very important because I think the german translation for the United States means “I believe in the United States.” The difference between them; the main statement expresses a United States that can be trusted, but the second statement is a very skeptical suspicion of the subject called the United States. In other words, in the first statement, the focus is on the subject in the second statement. After the opening, Coppola took us to a country called the United States, created a personality and identity that must be considered, and brought us the fun of maintaining a dialectical relationship with the characters in the movie. Later, Bonasera pleaded for the persecuted daughter and two non-Italian men, and demanded justice from the father. My father’s first response was “Why do you want to join the police before I do?” Bonasera first sought help in the province, but the prisoner’s sentence was postponed. In the conversation, we saw that Bonasera always does things without asking his father for help, and is eager to do things legally. Even at this point, you hope to return your work and emphasize the amount you have to pay. However, now that the state has not given a mandatory punishment, which is absolutely unfair, it leaves Bonasera alone. My father was willing to help this lonely and desperate Italian, and offered him a condition. “Call me father.” The foreground of the opening ceremony is Bonasera. Dark scenes are created. The camera moved slowly from Bonasera to Baba, but Baba hadn’t been framed in a long time, he was like a god behind a curtain. The movement of the camera fascinated Dad, with the silhouette of a god in it, pleading but hiding in front of him, and following his vision to dominate the servant. The opening ceremony is one of the only scenes that reveals the essence of the film. Desperate Italian Plaintiff / Defendant, Wrong Status / USA, Persecuted Non-Italian Criminals and Photographs in Front of Father / God’s Request.
It is said that at the opening ceremony, Coppola explained that the entire series is about individuals who follow Hobbesian ethics and therefore is an ethics-based organization.

Thomas Hobbes said that human beings are equal in spirit and body at birth, and humans appear to be capable in terms of the ability to create rationally and the power to produce physical effects. One of the only moments in the series that emphasized this essence was when Michael fought for the death of Hyman Roth: “If there is definitely one thing in life, if history teaches us something, it is you, you can kill anyone you want. “. Insecurity is caused by this inequality, people feel insecure because everyone seems to be an equal opponent. We are so the same that our desire and hope for skills are the same. Therefore, if two people yearn for something that they cannot have at the same time, they will become enemies of each other, retreating to destroy or dominate, mainly to maintain their own existence, sometimes just for pleasure. (Hobbes, Leviathan, p. 100) shows that this basic warfare fixed by Hobbes is inevitable because the exercise force must not see any force greater than it to gain security. Only he is the most important force, that is, when he is invincible in mental and physical strength, only one person will feel safe and end the war. Hobbes found a remedy in the formation of power, which can put people under pressure and fear: “Unless there is a state, most people are always at war with everyone” (p. 101) The essence of establishing the state, namely sovereignty, can be reached; everyone will gain a sense of security by sacrificing their freedom. By establishing an agreement, you will also be recognized by sovereignty.

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